Mr Ridgway and Mr Rawlinson teach science at Haslingden High School, they are digital education pioneers, stretching the frontiers in the use of technology in schools.

This website allows us to share our ideas, resources, successes and failures in creating a digital classroom.

P Ridgway

I have now had more than ten years experience teaching in a secondary school. I am currently teaching science from ages 11 to 18. As well I also have responsibilities for Year 7, Educational Visits and I am also a member of the school governing body. I am a keen advocate of using technology in my lessons and have embraced the opportunities that they have created for myself and my students. Recently I was accepted into the Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) programme and I am looking forward to attending the ADE Institute in July.

P Rawlinson

I come from a programming background, having contributed to many closed and open source projects over the last 10 years. Using these skills and the new technology that it enables in my lessons has transformed my teaching - the pupils learn better, are more engaged and achieve more highly whilst I'm doing less drudge work, enjoying my time in school much more and gaining a sense of satisfaction that wouldn't be out of place in a TV advert for teaching. The opportunity to share these skills and techniques with other teachers, whilst furthering my own use of them, improves the enjoyment even further.